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Google uses Artificial Intelligence in Search Results

The use of artificial intelligence in search engines

Artificial Intelligence

Recently, companies have become increasingly dependent on artificial intelligence.  Facebook uses it to review comments and posts.  Google is always working on improving its search engine and applications.

Artificial intelligence in search results

Today, Google is working to improve its search engine to be better and able to meet the needs of users.  For example, when a user wants to browse pages related to a specific topic such as technology, artificial intelligence will display the best pages whose content is about technology.  If the user has any questions, the artificial intelligence will answer these questions.

Pandu Nayak, Vice President of Search at Google, gave an example with a sentence like, “Can you get someone’s medicine from the pharmacy?”  And that question was a challenge to Google's search engine, as it was unable to understand it.

The searcher for this sentence does not find the appropriate answer because the search engines were not able to understand these questions.  Now the search engine is getting smarter because it is able to analyze and understand questions.

This year (2021) Google updated its engine again.  This time it relied on a new generation of artificial intelligence systems called MUM. 
This generation is a thousand times larger than the previous generation, which was called BERT.

Specifications of the new generation MUM

  • The new MUM model is faster than the old generation.

  • It consists of 175 billion parameters.

  • Understands over 75 languages.

  • Avoiding racist or sexist content.

  • Video content comprehension feature

A new feature in Google search engine

In the context of our discussion about Google and the artificial intelligence it uses.  Google announced a new feature, which is the understanding and analysis of video content. 
Where if there is any video that talks about the same topic you are looking for (not only the title of the video is similar to what you are looking for, but the content of the video) it will appear in the search.


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